Accessing Shares from Clients

Data is stored and organized for use in Shares which are exported to clients via various protocols: Samba/CIFS, Network File System (NFS), and Secure File Transport Protocol (SFTP). Before storing any data, at least one Share must be created. See Creating a share for detailed instructions.

The choice of sharing protocol depends on a variety of factors. The most important one is the nature of the client(s) that will be used to access the share. For instance, while Samba exports can be accessed by Linux, Windows, and macOS clients alike, NFS exports cannot be easily accessed from Windows clients. In addition, each protocol varies in its performance and ease of access. As a result, the decision to use one protocol over another for a given share ultimately depends on your exact needs. We can however make the general recommendations below:

  • If your share needs to be accessed by at least one Windows clients, use Samba. See our Samba/CIFS section for details.

  • If your share needs to be accessed by Linux clients only, consider also NFS. See our Network File System (NFS) section for details.


Still unsure of what file sharing protocol to use? Don’t hesitate to come ask for feedback on our friendly forum!