User Interface

Rockstor supports three main user interface methods.

  1. A browser based interface (Web-UI) for most users

  2. A RESTful API for developers.

  3. root access via terminal and SSH for advanced users.

The Web-UI is the main way to interact with Rockstor, and each one of its parts will be described in the pages below:


To access Rockstor browser based interface or Web-UI, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome web browser.

The initial setup of the appliance should be done through the Web-UI; other methods can be used afterwards.


Once Rockstor installation is finished, as described in the Installation section, the new appliance can be setup by visiting https://<appliance_ip> in your browser.

The setup process consists of two screens. In the first screen, an admin user must be created by entering desired credentials. In the second screen, all disks detected in the system are displayed. Click next to finish the setup process.

Once the setup process is complete, the newly created admin user is logged in and the Rockstor Dashboard is displayed.