Resetting root password

root user is created during Rockstor OS install. You may remember setting root password in one of the install screens. After a while, it’s possible that you forgot the password and would like to reset it. To do that is a straight forward process as described in this howto.

Step 1: Boot up with install CD/DVD/USB-drive

Resetting password requires shutting down the system and booting it up with Rockstor install CD/DVD or USB-drive as you have done it during install. If you are unsure, see Installation.

On the splash screen, scroll down to Troubleshooting and hit enter to go to the Troubleshooting screen.


Step 2: Go to Rescue Shell

In the Troubleshooting screen, scroll down to Rescue and Rockstor System and hit enter to go to the Rescue screen.


In the Rescue screen, use the Tab key to highlight the Continue button and hit enter.


Hit Enter key again on the next two screens to be dropped into the Shell.


Step 3: Reset password

Once you are in the rescue shell, change the filesystem root

sh-4.2# chroot /mnt/sysimage

Now change the password with the passwd command

bash-4.2# passwd

Remove autorelabel file

bash-4.2# rm -f /.autorelabel

Get out of chroot with the exit command

bash-4.2# exit

Here’s an example image showing execution of above commands.


Enter exit command again and the system will reboot

sh-4.2# exit

Remove the install CD/DVD or USB-drive and let the system boot up completely. You can now login at the terminal and SSH as root using the new password.