Rockstor provides a solid platform and empowers users to deploy effective storage solutions.

Personal Cloud Server

Rockstor Personal Cloud Server is a powerful local alternative to public cloud storage that mitigates the cost and risks of public cloud storage. A lot of important data is stored on laptops, desktops, mobile devices, external hard-drives and various cloud storage services and the data footprint continues to increase as users generate and access more data.

With Rockstor as your Personal Cloud Server, you can

  • Reduce cost of storing large amounts of data
  • Effectively scale capacity, manage privacy and performance
  • Access data from desktops, laptop or mobile devices from anywhere(inside and outside of your local network)
  • Move data between public cloud, Rockstor and your devices
  • Protect data from theft, loss or unintentional access

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SMB Cloud Server

Rockstor Small and Midsize Business (SMB) Cloud Server is the recommended solution for organizations with several hundred Terabytes of capacity requirement. Your organization may rely on expensive public cloud storage and also store a lot of data locally causing you to switch between local and cloud and ultimately resulting in inefficiency and loss of productivity.

With Rockstor as your Cloud Server, you can

  • Build your Private Cloud Storage and empower your organization with a hybrid workflow leveraging the best of both public and private cloud storage
  • Seamlessly integrate with public cloud storage resulting in efficiency and lower operating cost
  • Scale your storage needs with low incremental cost
  • Manage your storage with little to no IT experience

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Traditional NAS server

Rockstor Traditional NAS Server is the recommended solution if you need a robust NAS server without bells and whistles. It allows you to access centralized storage over the network (NAS). While Linux has become the best platform for many things with great filesystems, it lacked one like NetApp's WAFL or Sun's ZFS until recently. BTRFS is rapidly filling that void by offering many great features.

With Rockstor as your NAS Server, you can

  • Use the capabilities and amazing feature-set of BTRFS without being a seasoned Linux professional.
  • Realize the full potential of BTRFS as a NAS file-system
  • Enjoy the benefits of BTRFS while easily managing everything from Rockstor's Web-User Interface

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Custom Solutions

Rockstor as a Cloud and Storage platform enables hackers, maker and DIYers to build custom solutions for their projects. Storage is an essential part of many creative software and hardware projects – be it an embedded project or a web application, but options for a robust storage layer are limited.

With Rockstor, you can

  • Build your own dependable storage platform in a short time
  • Install Rockstor on almost any hardware or hypervisor
  • Use Rockstor APIs to provision resources on demand
  • Take full advantage of BTRFS and customize it to your needs
  • Join our community with strong hacker presence and benefit from knowledge sharing

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An overview of top features in Rockstor. Click on each icon to read more.

Linux, BTRFS based open source storage OS. Runs on commodity hardware.

Bitrot protection, checksums, compression and other advanced filsystem(BTRFS) features.

Simple GUI installer and secure browser based management.

Copy-on-write Snapshots of Shares on demand and on schedule.

File sharing and access from Linux, Mac, Windows and Mobile devices.

Instant and efficient Clones of Shares and Snapshots.

Fast and online vertical capacity scaling.

File backup with Rsync, Apple Time Machine and Windows Backup.

Disaster recovery is made easy by Rockstor to Rockstor replication.

Apps(Rock-ons) for media streaming, backups, cloud storage and more.

REST API for application developers.

Resource monitoring with customizable Dashboard and SNMP.


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