Install on Vanilla openSUSE/SuSE SLES

Our installer profiles (, and consequently our pre-built installers, deviate only a little from openSUSE’s JeOS appliance profiles. As a result, it is possible to manually configure a Vanilla openSUSE/SuSE SLES based install to then install Rockstor’s rpm.


For advanced users only

This install method is predominantly for developers or advanced users and will likely require additional maintenance. It may also serve as an option where a SLES base is required. Please note our undesirable disabling of apparmor. We hope to resolve this partial failure in due time.

The procedure, not recommended or supported, consists in adding the relevant Rockstor repositories to a dedicated vanilla openSUSE / SuSE SLES non transactional server install. The base OS version is assumed to be already found within our Rockstor 4 Installer Recipes, and in the case of SLES, to be at least version 15.4–when the upstream binary compatibility between openSUSE Leap & SuSE SLES matured.


The relevant commands (assuming a 15.4 base version) are as follows:

First, disable apparmor.

systemctl disable apparmor

Then, ensure NetworkManager is installed and running.

zypper install --no-recommends NetworkManager
systemctl disable wicked
systemctl enable NetworkManager
systemctl start NetworkManager

Define and instantiate the rpm repositories required by Rockstor (all are multiarch).

zypper --non-interactive addrepo --refresh -p105 home_rockstor
zypper --non-interactive addrepo --refresh -p97 home_rockstor_branches_Base_System
rpm --import
zypper addrepo -f Rockstor-Testing
zypper --non-interactive --gpg-auto-import-keys refresh

Finally, install and start Rockstor.

zypper in --no-recommends rockstor-4.5.8-0
systemctl enable --now rockstor-bootstrap


Please note that Rockstor is not yet Multi-path controller compatible.


Please visit our friendly forum for questions and suggestions for improving these instructions. As always, GitHub pull requests are welcome: