Distribution update from 15.3 to 15.4

Rockstor version 4 has been released in the testing channel for the entire life of openSUSE Leap 15.3. As such there are many installs “Built on openSUSE” Leap 15.3 - End of Life (EOL) December 2022. This How-to includes instruction on moving an existing 15.3 based install over, in-place, to the newer “Build on openSUSE” Leap 15.4.


There are always less unknowns for fresh installs. It is advisable to consider a fresh-start via the latest recommended Rockstor installer. See Downloads for the available options. See also our Rockstor’s “Built on openSUSE” installer.

Existing Pools and Configuration Backup and Restore files remain compatible and importable.


For both in-place and re-install/import approaches; always ensure all backups are refreshed. For re-install/import all data on a re-used system disk (‘ROOT’ Pool) will be irreversibly destroyed. Alternatively use a fresh system disk to provide a fail over of reverting to the original system disk. Do not attach both old and new system disks simultaneously. Only one Rockstor system disk must be attached at any one time.

Before attempting an in-place distribution update (15.3->15.4) be sure that you have applied all regular updates first. The Updating Rockstor section covers how to do this either via the Web-UI or via the command line.


This procedure is well established in our upstream base of openSUSE Leap and is know as a Distribution Update. Below we detail the following steps, each in their own sections:

  • Change Rockstor’s OBS URLs

  • Update the remaining repositories

  • Distribution update

  • Reporting issues

See our FAQ entry What Repositories does Rockstor 4 use? for more context.

Change Rockstor’s OBS URLs

When openSUSE moved to Leap version 15.4 there was a simplification in their OBS repository URLs. The pre-text of “openSUSE_Leap_” within URLs of prior versions was dropped.

This change affects our home_rockstor and home_rockstor_branches_Base_System repositories.

Run the following stream/edit as root to update all instances of “openSUSE_Leap_15.3” to “15.4”:

sed -i 's/openSUSE_Leap_15\.3/15\.4/g' /etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo

Update the remaining repositories

Here we stream edit/replace all 15.3 and 15_3 instances with 15.4 and 15_4 respectively via:

sed -i 's/15_3/15_4/g' /etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo
sed -i 's/15\.3/15\.4/g' /etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo


This does not change the repository configuration file names themselves. This is not important and can serve as an indicator of a system’s history/origin. The filenames for these repositories are cosmetic only.

Distribution update

Double check all repositories are as-expected. The following command should output a very similar list of repositories to those indicated. Rockstor-Testing may be replaced by Rockstor-Stable, or neither may be present; depending on your update channel selection

zypper --releasever=15.4 lr -U

Warning: Enforced setting: $releasever=15.4
Repository priorities in effect:                                                                                                                                                                                                (See 'zypper lr -P' for details)
      97 (raised priority)  :  1 repository
      99 (default priority) :  5 repositories
     105 (lowered priority) :  1 repository

# | Alias                              | Name                                                                                        | Enabled | GPG Check | Refresh | URI
8 | repo-sle-debug-update              | Update repository with debuginfo for updates from SUSE Linux Enterprise 15                  | No      | ----      | ----    | http://download.opensuse.org/debug/update/leap/15.4/sle/
1 | Leap_15_4                          | Leap_15_4                                                                                   | Yes     | (r ) Yes  | Yes     | http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/leap/15.4/repo/oss/
7 | repo-backports-update              | Update repository of openSUSE Backports                                                     | Yes     | (r ) Yes  | Yes     | http://download.opensuse.org/update/leap/15.4/backports/
6 | repo-backports-debug-update        | Update repository with updates for openSUSE Leap debuginfo packages from openSUSE Backports | No      | ----      | ----    | http://download.opensuse.org/update/leap/15.4/backports_debug/
9 | repo-sle-update                    | Update repository with updates from SUSE Linux Enterprise 15                                | Yes     | (r ) Yes  | Yes     | http://download.opensuse.org/update/leap/15.4/sle/
3 | Rockstor-Testing                   | Rockstor-Testing                                                                            | Yes     | (r ) Yes  | Yes     | http://updates.rockstor.com:8999/rockstor-testing/leap/15.4
4 | home_rockstor                      | home_rockstor                                                                               | Yes     | (r ) Yes  | Yes     | https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/rockstor/15.4/
5 | home_rockstor_branches_Base_System | home_rockstor_branches_Base_System                                                          | Yes     | (r ) Yes  | Yes     | https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/rockstor:/branches:/Base:/System/15.4/
2 | Leap_15_4_Updates                  | Leap_15_4_Updates                                                                           | Yes     | (r ) Yes  | Yes     | https://download.opensuse.org/update/leap/15.4/oss/

Before the big Distribution Update we must import all the new repository keys and information from all of the changes made above.

zypper --releasever=15.4 --non-interactive --gpg-auto-import-keys refresh

And finally the actual 15.3 to 15.4 base OS update itself. Here we instruct zypper to download all packages first. This helps to avoid a download failure part-way through this rather sensitive process.

zypper --releasever=15.4 dup --download-in-advance --allow-vendor-change --no-recommends

We use –allow-vendor-change as some prior openSUSE packages are now supplied directly from SuSE. The –no-recommends is to keep to our JeOS (Just enough Operating System) origin. I.e. don’t install things like manuals etc and other ‘extra’ packages.

The download size and extra disk space required will be around 330 MiB. So ensure that you have at least 2 GB free on your system disk (‘ROOT’ Pool), before proceeding.


As we are changing the legs upon which the entire system is running, it is best to have the system under as minimal load as possible. As such it is advisable to close any Rockstor Web-UI browser tabs during this process.


It is imperative that the system is not rebooted during this process. It is also important to reboot the system after the above “zypper … dup …” command has completed. This enables the new legs to be the ones running the show. Upstream reference: SDB:System upgrade to Leap 15.4

To reboot from the command line once the above “zypper … dup …” command has finished, enter the following commands as root:


Reporting issues

As always we welcome feedback to improve what we do. So please consider reporting your experience or suggestions on our friendly Community Forum.

A distribution update is in many ways more complex than an entirely fresh install. And given Rockstor’s overall size a re-install can be very quick. But if you have a complex install an in-place distribution update can be the way to go.