Multi Period Snapshots

It is common practice to keep progressively less frequent snapshots of Shares as those snapshots become older. This might be thought of as a self thinning multi period snapshot arrangement, ie:-

  • 7 days of daily snapshots

  • 1 month of weekly snapshots

  • 12 months of monthly snapshots

  • 2 years of yearly snapshots

This arrangement, or variations of it, can be achieved with Rockstor’s Scheduled Tasks feature; or more specifically with a series of snapshot tasks and their respective Maximum count feature.

To create the above multi period snapshot arrangement we need to create 4 independent snapshot tasks each with a progressively longer period and an appropriate Maximum count setting to achieve the self thinning component.

Day Week Month Year Example

One example of how this might be done:-


In the above example we keep, 7 daily, 5 weekly, 12 monthly, and 2 yearly snapshots by using the Maximum count feature on each respective snapshot task.

From the mouse over tooltip on the WebUI of Maximum count we have “Older snapshots beyond this number and created by this task will be deleted.”