Email alerts

Rockstor integrates an easy to use email/postfix configuration section that enables email notifications. By default all local root (system) email will be forwarded to a specified email address. This is accomplished by using a dedicated (configurable) email account that Rockstor can login too and send email from.

Initial Email Setup

Navigate to the Email Alerts section of the System page:-


Press the Add an Email account button to begin.

Complete the following required fields

  • Name - associated with this email ie firstname lastname

  • Email - of the dedicated Rockstor sending account

  • Password - for the above account

  • SMTP Server - sending email server name for the above account

  • TLS - use Transport Layer Security, most email servers support this

  • Recipient email who is to receive the notification emails from Rockstor


Submit button when done

Current Email Configuration

Upon submitting the desired configuration the following is displayed summarizing the previously entered and now current information and advising on how this configuration might be tested.

Email Alerts section of the System page with existing configuration.


Note the Bin icon to remove the configuration and start over, and the small arrow icon to test the configuration.

Testing Email

A test email containing the appliance id, a UUID generated during install, can be sent using the small arrow icon next to the Bin icon on the Current Email Configuration page. Upon a test email having been sent the following screen should be visible:


Please note that the appliance id sent in this email is used to identify this particular install and it’s update channel registration