Advanced features powered by Linux, BTRFS and Docker

Rockstor is a Linux and BTRFS powered storage operating system with advanced NAS and Cloud Storage features. It can be installed on commodity hardware or as a virtual machine and managed easily from a web browser. It's built for Prosumers and Small to Midsize organizations looking for personal and private cloud storage.

Top technical features of Rockstor are listed below. Detailed information is available in our documentation and forums.

Linux, BTRFS based open source storage OS. Runs on commodity hardware.

Rockstor is available as a Linux distribution(ISO) file with a simple GUI installer for quick installation on your commodity hardware or hypervisor. After installation, it can be managed easiy from a web browser with it's web-ui.

Bitrot protection, checksums, compression and other advanced filsystem(BTRFS) features.

Rockstor's underlying filesystem, BTRFS, provides self healing, data protection, compression and many other advanced features. Rockstor makes it easy to consume these benefits and provides high value.

Simple GUI installer and secure browser based management.

Installation of Rockstor is short and straight forward. After installing, all management can be done easily and securely from a web browser. Documentation is embedded into the web-ui in the form of tooltips and guided wizards. This, combined with simple design helps to easily manage even complex storage environments.

Copy-on-write(CoW) Snapshots of Shares on demand and on schedule.

Users can take a snapshot or schedule periodic snapshots from Rockstor's web-ui. Snapshots take no extra space and happen instantly. It is easy and efficient to restore accidentally deleted files or rollback a Share to a previous snapshot.

File sharing and access from Linux, Mac, Windows and Mobile devices

Rockstor supports all popular file sharing protocols including Samba, NFS, AFP and SFTP. Samba is excellent and recommended protocol for desktop/laptop users. AFP can be used from Mac devices, especially for Time Machine backups. In addition to these protocols, mobile devices have access using Rock-ons. For more advanced scenarios, NFS and SFTP are also supported.

Instant and efficient Clones of Shares and Snapshots.

Shares or Snapshots can be cloned into brand new Shares from the web-ui. Rockstor uses CoW features of BTRFS to efficiently create clones of Shares and Snapshots. Cloning is instantaneous and cost almost no space at the beginning.

Fast and online vertical capacity scaling.

Disks can be added or removed to grow or shrink storage pools online conveniently from the web-ui. Similarly, Pool redundancy profiles and Share capacities can be updated online. Shares and Pools can be thin provisioned and can grow along with capacity need. The underlying filesystem of Rockstor, BTRFS, supports practically unlimited capacity limited only by other system resources. Rockstor supports these advanced capabilities from a easy to use web-ui.

File backup with Rsync, Apple Time Machine and Windows Backup

In addition to Rsync scripts for backups, Rockstor can be used as a Time Machine server to backup Macs. Windows Backup is also supported to backup data from Windows clients.

Disaster recovery is made easy by Rockstor to Rockstor replication.

Using Rockstor asynchronous replication feature, users can configure Shares to be replicated to another Rockstor instance on a schedule. Replication uses BTRFS send/receive feature to efficiently transfer changes. To recover from a disaster, Shares can be restored from their respective replicas.

Apps(Rock-ons) for media streaming, backups, cloud storage and more

Rockstor has a built in engine to run Docker based applications. It also comes with a collection of apps, called Rock-ons for media streaming, backups, cloud storage etc.. Users can easily install Rock-ons from the web-ui. More Advanced users can also add their own apps. For more information, go here.

REST API for application developers

All of Rockstor's functionality is accessible to application developers with it's REST API. Developers building web applications can leverage Rockstor as the underlying storage platform using the API.

Resource monitoring with customizable Dashboard and SNMP

Rockstor's dashboard has widgets to monitor storage capacity, network, CPU and memory utilization. Resources to be monitored can be customized along with the way widgets are displayed. SNMP is also supported to monitor Rockstor using other monitoring software preferred by the user.