Linux Btrfs NAS Server

Rockstor Traditional NAS Server is the recommended solution if you need a robust NAS server without bells and whistles. It allows you to access centralized storage over the network (NAS). While Linux has become the best platform for many things, with great filesystems, it has until recently lacked one like NetApp’s WAFL or Sun’s ZFS. BTRFS is rapidly filling that void by offering many great features.

With Rockstor as your NAS Server, you can:

  • Use the capabilities and amazing feature-set of BTRFS without being a seasoned Linux professional.
  • Realize the full potential of BTRFS as a NAS file-system.
  • Enjoy the benefits of BTRFS while easily managing everything from Rockstor’s Web-User Interface.

Many organizations often need a robust NAS server without bells and whistles, and Rockstor can be just that. Centralized storage accessed over the network(NAS) is a perennial usecase. While Linux has become the best platform for many things with great filesystems, it lacked one like NetApp’s WAFL or Sun’s ZFS until recently. BTRFS is filling that void with it’s amazing featureset, but it’s not easily accessible to users that want something that just works as NAS without having to be a seasoned Linux Pro. BTRFS’s potential as a NAS filesystem can be fully realized with a storage focused Linux distribution like Rockstor. Users can enjoy the benefits of BTRFS while managing everything easily from Rockstor’s web-ui.

NAS that just works


It’s not easy to build a BTRFS based NAS as it requires a lot of know how, scripting and advanced administration.


Rockstor, the first Linux BTRFS NAS software appliance, aims to combine flexibility & ease-of-use. Generic commodity hardware, both X86_64 and ARM64 (e.g. Raspberyy Pi 4), can easily be up and running within minutes. Rockstor 4 is “Built on openSUSE” while our near legacy 3 and older versions used CentOS 7 with newer elrepo kernels. Once installed, all maintenance is done via Rockstor’s Web-UI: good for NAS/linux beginners and pros alike.

Get the best from BTRFS


BTRFS is a truly amazing Linux filesystem with builtin volume management, CoW snaphots and many more advanced features. However, it requires a fulltime storage administrator to maintain a BTRFS based NAS from scratch.


With Rockstor, you can resize volumes, schedule snapshots and scrubs, replicate Shares and more all from it’s web-ui. It support popular NAS protocols like NFS, Samba, AFP and SFTP by default.

Join Rockstor Community


NAS market is still predominantly proprietary. While there are semi open solutions, a powerful and open source solution based on Linux is an essential solution that has been missing.


Rockstor is Free and Open source software with a smart and active community. It has evolved rapidly thanks in a big part to members of the community that want to make it a viable solution.