About Us

The Rockstor Project is an Open Collective Non-Profit/Non-Business Open Source community endeavour.

We are supported by our members/subscribers/contributors and fiscally hosted by Open Collective Europe .

Founder & prior Maintainer: Suman Chakravartula - Domain and trademarks owner/admin.

Current Maintainer: Philip Paul Guyton - Project lead, core developer, & release manager.

Our websites & support email use the “rockstor” domain. But forum notifications uses the “linuxlines” domain. This mixed domain use should be resolved soon.

Our Endeavour

To develop, maintain, and distribute an easy to use, flexible, Linux & BTRFS based DIY software appliance solution.

Open source and community focused. We develop on GitHub in collaboration with our users,

our community, and anyone who wants to help.

Docker based Rock-on Extensibility. Easy to roll your own and then contribute it back to the community.

Simplicity & Usability. Simple clear and intuitive user interface for what most folks do, most of the time.

DIY Personal storage. Provides ‘private cloud’ storage to all your networked devices.

Privacy, security, and freedom.

Simple Storage done Sustainably.

Our GitHub

Repository About Contributors
rockstor-core Main Repository 49
rockon-registry Rock-ons (Docker Plugins) 76
rockstor-docs Main Docs 30
rockstor-jslibs JS lib bundle 4
rockstor-rpmbuild RPM build specifications 2
rockstor-installer Kiwi-ng installer config 11
rockstor-website This WebSite (Hugo) 6
(Contributors: git shortlog -sn –all | wc -l)

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