About Us

The Rockstor Project, an open source community endeavour, is fostered by 2 discrete but co-operating entities:

Rockstor, Inc. (US): run by project founder Suman Chakravartula - Domain and trademarks owner/admin.

Sole trader (UK): Philip Paul Guyton - Current maintainer, project lead, packager, distributor, and subscription shop owner/admin.

Shop/subscription proceeds, and donations, are backed by Triodos ethical & sustainable banking via a Social Venture Current Account.
For distribution and our main website we use the "rockstor" domain. For support we use additionally the linuxlines/yewtreeapps domains. We hope to rationalise these 'mixed' domains as we work towards sustainable Open Source development.

Our Endeavour

To develop, maintain, and distribute an easy to use, flexible, Linux & BTRFS based DIY software appliance solution.

Open source and community focused. We develop on GitHub in collaboration with our users,
our community, and anyone who wants to help.

Docker based Rock-on Extensibility. Easy to roll your own and then contribute it back to the community.

Simplicity & Usability. Simple clear and intuitive user interface for what most folks do, most of the time.

DIY Personal storage. Provides 'private cloud' storage to all your networked devices.
Privacy, security, and freedom.

Simple Storage done Sustainably.

Our GitHub

Some Contributors

Suman Chakravartula
Project founder and co-maintainer
Vinima Aggarwal
Documentation and Marketing.
Mirko Arena
UI and Backend.
Jens Berthold
Madhuri Chakravartula
UI, Backend and Testing
Kamal Gade
Priyanka Ganti
UI, Testing and Webmaster.
Philip Guyton
Co-maintainer, Backend, UI, Forum admin, & Docs.
Garrett Kadillak
Forum moderator, UI, Backend, Testing, Rockons, & Docs
Sheldyn Nam-Storm
Logo and UI design
Amir Naqvi
Sam Richards
Backend and Testing
Sujeet Sreenivasan
UI, Backend and Architecture.

Contact Us


Our Friendly Forum. Announcements, community support, questions, etc...
All currently active developers are forum members.

Issue Tracker

Request a feature, report a bug, or fork us on GitHub.


Current maintainer/distributor.


Prior Maintainer - Rockstor, Inc. (Domain/Trademark admin)


Email for support, questions, or advice.