Install using the options below.

“Built on openSUSE” installers use 1st v4 Stable release.

Rockstor 4.1.0-0 = First “Built on openSUSE” Stable Release

Rockstor 4 is now also Pi4 & ARM64 Embedded Boot / Server Boot compatible.

See our Rockstor’s “Built on openSUSE” installer and Making a Rockstor USB install disk docs section.

See also: Migrating from Legacy V3 to V4 “Built on openSUSE”.

Preferred options appear higher up in the following list.

Built on openSUSE Leap15.3


Image Test: sha256sum -c Rockstor-Leap15.3-generic.x86_64-4.1.0-0.install.iso.sha256
Transfer to (sdX): dd if=Rockstor-Leap15.3-generic.x86_64-4.1.0-0.install.iso of=/dev/sdX


Note: Btrfs parity raid levels (5&6) are read-only by default.

Consider our Installing the Stable Kernel Backport to enable parity raid read-write access.


Image Test: sha256sum -c Rockstor-Leap15.3-ARM64EFI.aarch64-4.1.0-0.raw.xz.sha256
Transfer to (sdX): xzcat Rockstor-Leap15.3-ARM64EFI.aarch64-4.1.0-0.raw.xz | dd bs=4M of=/dev/sdX iflag=fullblock conv=notrunc status=progress

Also pre-sized (16GB) qcow2 format:
Image Test: sha256sum -c Rockstor-Leap15.3-ARM64EFI.aarch64-4.1.0-0.qcow2.sha256

Awaiting Custom Ten64 drivers. Consider our Installing the Stable Kernel Backport for improved hardware compatibility.


Image Test: sha256sum -c Rockstor-Leap15.3-RaspberryPi4.aarch64-4.1.0-0.raw.xz.sha256
Transfer to (sdX): xzcat Rockstor-Leap15.3-RaspberryPi4.aarch64-4.1.0-0.raw.xz | dd bs=4M of=/dev/sdX iflag=fullblock conv=notrunc status=progress

Also Pi 400 compatible.

Built on openSUSE Diy

Build your own Installer

All our “Built on openSUSE” installers are made using the Rockstor 4 Installer Recipe. This in-turn uses the excellent Kiwi-ng open source image and appliance builder from openSUSE. See Kiwi-ng’s docs for the possibilities.

You can also create your own custom profile tailored to your specific needs. Please see our Custom Solutions for context.

All pending upstream updates, at time of installer build/re-build, are pre-applied to the resulting image.

We welcome profile contributions where our existing profiles are insufficient.

Built on openSUSE Rpm

Install on Vanilla openSUSE/SuSE SLES

Our installer profiles, and consequently our pre-build installers, deviate only a little from openSUSE’s JeOS appliance profiles.

It is possible, but not recommended or supported, to add the relevant Rockstor repositories to a dedicated vanilla openSUSE / SuSE SLES non transactional server install. Assuming the base OS version is already found within our Rockstor 4 Installer Recipe. And in the case of SLES, is at least version 15.3 when the upstream binary compatibility between openSUSE Leap & SuSE SLES began.

For advanced users only

This install method is predominantly for developers or advanced users and will likely require additional maintenance. It may also serve as an option where a SLES base is required. Please note our undesirable disabling of apparmor. We hope to resolve this partial failure in due time.

Relevant commands (assuming a 15.3 base version):

systemctl disable apparmor

zypper install --no-recommends NetworkManager

systemctl disable wicked

systemctl enable NetworkManager

systemctl start NetworkManager

(multiarch) zypper --non-interactive addrepo --refresh -p105 home_rockstor

(multiarch) zypper --non-interactive addrepo --refresh -p97 home_rockstor_branches_Base_System

rpm --import

(x86_64 only) zypper addrepo -f Rockstor-Testing

(aarch64 only) zypper addrepo -f Rockstor-Testing

zypper --non-interactive --gpg-auto-import-keys refresh

zypper in --no-recommends rockstor-4.1.0-0

systemctl start rockstor

Please note that Rockstor is not yet Multi-path controller compatible.

As always GitHub Pull Requests are Welcome.

Built on RedHat Centos7.1511


Image Test: sha256sum -c Rockstor-CentOS7.1511-generic.x86_64-3.9.1-0.install.iso.sha256
Transfer to (sdX): dd if=Rockstor-CentOS7.1511-generic.x86_64-3.9.1-0.install.iso of=/dev/sdX

Legacy / Unsupported installer from 2017. Available here only for specialist purposes.

Also available on SourceForge as Rockstor-3.9.1.iso


  • Last Testing Channel release (3.9.1-16) - November 2017
  • Last Stable channel released (3.9.2-57) - April 2020