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Professional help, directly from Rockstor developers & contributors

Service currently unavailable: we plan to add an ‘Incident-based Support subscription’ membership tier in our Open Collective non-profit.

Incident-based Support subscription

An ‘Incident-based Support subscription’ is a “Support included” variant of our ‘Stable Updates subscription’.

Primarily intended for installs´ running our Stable Channel releases ‘Built on’ non EOL openSUSE Leap.

Release Candidate (RC) Testing Channel installs may also be considered.

Our downloadable installers use Stable or RC status ‘rockstor’ packages.

A complement to your existing IT resources. We are here to help

Quantity: One incident per year per ‘Incident-based Support subscription’/order.
Cost: €240 + tax (if applicable) per subscription.
Via: Support Email , Zulip , Mastodon (PM/Direct Message only), or PM our ‘paid_support’ forum group: ‘Incident-based Support subscription’ membership order number & matching email required in all cases.
Language: English, Portuguese to follow in time.
Response Time: Within 2 business days.
Availability: During weekdays, excluding Portugal holidays.

Also consider our extensive documentation and our friendly community forum .

Documentation Community Forum

Support FAQ

Question Answer
Incident definition? An incident is a question relating to a specific, discrete issue, and may involve several interactions with the support service to achieve resolution.
Incident waiver? If your issue uncovers, or confirms, a ‘rockstor’ package bug, your Support Incident is considered unused. In this case we will be prioritising the related bugfix.
Refund policy? The latest payment of either an ‘Incident-based Support subscription’ or a ‘Stable Updates subscription’, can be refunded for the EU mandated 14 day cooling-off period.
I already have a Stable Updates subscription? Support Email can transfer an existing ‘Stable Updates subscription’ Computer/activation-code, to a purchased ‘Incident-based Support subscription’. You can then cancel your “Stable Updates subscription” via Open Collective.
Can I revert to a ‘Stable Updates subscription? Yes, the procedure is the reverse of the last answer.
What if I need additional support incidents? Each ‘Incident-based Support subscription’ covers one incident & 1 year’s Stable Updates subscription. You can ignore automated Appliance ID request emails if you only need the support incident.
Support Email