Linux & BTRFS powered customizable storage platform

Rockstor as a Cloud and Storage platform can be leveraged by Hackers, Makers and DIYers in their projects to craft custom solutions. Storage is an essential part of many creative software and hardware projects. Whether it be an embedded project or a web application, if there is a need for robust storage layer, the options are limited. Public cloud solutions are great, but when they are not appropriate, users end up having to build and maintain a NAS like setup themselves. With Rockstor, users can setup not only a traditional NAS, but a dependable platform in a short time. Rockstor can be installed on almost any hardware or hypervisor. It's API enables users to provision resources on demand, take full advantage of BTRFS and customize to their needs. Being a Linux operating system, Rockstor can be tweaked and tuned to a great degree. Our community has a strong hacker presence where information can be shares freely to benefit us all.