Discourse Rock-on

Please be aware of the common prerequisites for all Rockstor Rock-ons (Docker Plugins); specifically the Initial Rock-ons Setup and The Rock-ons root requirement.

Our Discourse Rock-on forum area.

What is Discourse

Discourse is open source forum / discussion server software and is what the Rockstor forum itself uses; in fact Rockstor’s forum is in fact hosted as a Rock-on on a Rockstor system. It is available in 17 languages and counting and supports such features as single sign on and real time notifications. The source code for Discourse is available on the Discourse GitHub Page. Visit the Discourse online sandbox for a demonstration.

Discourse Documentation

Discourse’s About Page is a good place to start along with their FAQ and their Blog.

Installing Discourse Rock-on

First please consider the pre-requisites for any Rock-on; these are linked to at the top of this document. Note also that the Discourse Rock-on will require a Share to store it’s forum data. Note that this is in addition to the The Rock-ons root that may well already have been made.


Click the Install button next to the Discourse listing on the Rock-ons page.

Discourse Share

Next we select the Discourse datastore. Here we are using the recommended Share name.

  • discourse-datastore - room enough for your entire forum storage needs.


N.B. to create this storage area please see our Creating a share.

Discourse Ports

This is the Default Port and it is unlikely you will have to alter it. The port shown on your particular install may not be the same as in the following image. Also note that you may have to forward this port on your network’s firewall to the Rockstor system to have internet access to Discourse.


Next button.

Discourse Mail Credentials

Discourse now requires the following email details / credentials:-

  • Admin email - email of the forum admin eg suman@rockstor.com

  • Forum web address - FQDN eg forum.rockstor.com

  • SMTP server - eg smtp.gmail.com

  • SMTP port - eg 587

  • SMTP username - eg myforum@gmail.com

  • SMTP password - the password for the above use on the given email server


Submit button when done.

Note that the details given are examples only, make sure that the the displayed details are accurate before finally confirming them in the following screen.


Check that the entered details are correct before clicking Submit.

Closing the resulting simple Installation is in progress dialog and we have:-


and a few minutes later depending on internet and machine speed:-

The Discourse Rock-on is ON


N.B. Notice the Discourse UI button and the spanner icon to adjust the Rock-on settings.

Discourse UI

The Default Discourse UI accessed via the Discourse UI button on the Rock-ons page:-


You can now configure and discuss in your very own Discourse Rock-on; Discourse Documentation.