Rockstor USB install disk using Rufus

Rufus is an open source multilingual general purpose graphical utility for Windows XP and newer systems to help in the creation of bootable USB flash drives. It is licenced under GNU GPLv3 or later. Using it’s default settings it will NOT create a working Rockstor USB install disk but using the following configuration options it can successfully prepare a working USB flash drive to be used for Rockstor install. Please see the Making a Rockstor USB install disk in our Quick start guide for other tested methods.

N.B. The following method and screen captures were graciously proved and provided respectively by @Dragon2611 a Rockstor forum member.

Steps required

First download the latest Rockstor iso image and the latest version of Rufus then insert your USB key and run Rufus:-

  • Under Device select your USB key, double check you selection.
  • Using the CD icon button select the Rockstor iso, the mouse over tooltip reads Click to select an ISO
  • Change the dropdown next to the CD icon button to read DD Image mode.
  • Double check all settings and Click Start.

The following images and notes indicate the above steps.

First select the destination USB key using the Device drop down.


In the above example the Device selected was a 8 GB (7.7 GB) USB2 device.

Now select the Rockstor iso image using the CD icon button: a small button at the end of the line with the Create a bootable disk using option.


The Rockstor iso file name should now be visible in the bottom of the Rufus window.

Now select the DD Image option from the drop down between the Create a bootable disk using option and the CD icon button.


Note in the above we see the DD Image mode selection.

Double check all selections and then click the Start Button, the following warning should result.


Note the device label and size in the warning before preceding.

Upon confirming continuation we should have the following progress screen


Upon completion safely eject / remove / unmount the USB device before removing it