Rock-ons (Docker Plugins)

Rock-ons are Rockstor’s name for it’s use of docker containers to provide a Plugin System to easily expand the functions of a base Rockstor install. This feature is relatively new to Rockstor but is proving to be quite popular and is under active development.

Each Rock-on aims to provide a single additional service and the list of Rock-ons Available by default is expanding all the time.

Initial Rock-ons Setup

As Rock_ons / docker containers are like mini linux installs they require somewhere to live. In Rockstor it is recommend that you setup a Share specifically for this purpose.

Note that all Rock-ons will then be installed into this shared area but each will remain independent and during the setup of each Rock-on you are given the option to store their respective configuration and data in other shares. This is good practice as it keeps your Rock-on config and data apart from the Rock-ons themselves. You do not have to separate the config and data within each Rock-on but that is also good practice, and is why this option is offered.

It is assumed you have already setup your Pools and one or more shares in those pools (see our Creating a share) appropriate for your Rock-ons, ie a plex-movies share and a plex-config share.

But we also need to create the The Rock-ons root share.

The Rock-ons root

All Rock-ons require the Rock-on service to be enabled and prior to enabling this service it must be configured. This is a simple matter of configuring a sufficiently large share for the rock-ons to be installed into. It is possible to use the existing ‘out of the box’ home share but this is not recommended.

The following shows a Recommended Minimum 5 GB rock-ons-root share backed by a previously created pool named rock-pool.


Note that during the lifetime of Rock-ons several snapshots will be created so plan to be able to expand this share if need be.

Then click on the spanner next to the Rock-on service on the System page.


Now to select the share to use for your Rock-ons root.


Select the rock-on-root share that we created earlier and Submit

You can now enable the Rock-on service and proceed to the Rock-ons page.


If no Rock-ons are showing on the All tab then click the Update button to refresh the list of available Rock-ons. To install a listed Rock-on use its Install button on the Rock-ons WebUI page.

Adding your own Rock-on

The rockon-registry contains the current list of freely available rock-on definition files and servers as the repository for Rock-ons Available by default. Please consider donating, or asking your favourite project to donate, a rock-on via a GitHub pull request to this repository (see Contributing to Rockstor Rock-ons for more information). Note that it is also possible to add to the available Rock-ons by placing a suitably configured and named json file in the /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore directory of your Rockstor install. For full instructions and examples please see the rockon-registry Some projects prefer to host their own Rock-on plugins and this feature enables the use of other projects official Rock-ons. An example of a project that takes advantage of this feature is Emby with their official Rock-on definition file for the Emby server component. However this same Emby Rock-on has now been added to the official Rockstor Rock-on registry.

Rock-ons Available by default

As this list is continually growing the best place to view the currently included by default Rock-ons is at the rockon-registry or on the Rock-ons page All tab within the Rockstor WebUI directly after pressing the Update button.

Rock-ons without write-ups

Although the following Rock-ons are currently without specific install instructions they are like all Rock-on installs, fairly self explanatory.

  • CouchPotato Downloader for usenet and bittorrent users
  • Deluge Deluge is a movie downloader for bittorrent users
  • EmbyServer Emby media server
  • Ghost A publishing platform for professional bloggers
  • GitLab CE Git repository hosting and collaboration
  • Gogs Go Git Service, a lightweight Git version control server and front end
  • Headphones Headphones is an automated music downloader for NZB and Torrent
  • Logitech Squeezebox Server for Squeezebox Devices
  • MariaDB MariaDB, relational database management system
  • NZBGet The most efficient usenet downloader
  • OwnCloud-Official Secure file sharing and hosting
  • Plexpy Plexpy Is a Python-based Plex Usage tracker
  • Rocket.Chat Open Source Chat Platform
  • SaBnzbd The best usenet downloader
  • Sickbeard Internet PVR for your TV shows, by
  • Sickrage Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows, by
  • Sonarr (formerly NZBdrone) A PVR for usenet and bittorrent users
  • Symform Symform backup service