BTSync Rock-on

Please be aware of the common prerequisites for all Rockstor Rock-ons (Docker Plugins); specifically the Initial Rock-ons Setup and The Rock-ons root requirement.

Our Bittorrent Sync forum area.

What is BTSync

BitTorrent Sync is a cross platform closed source peer-to-peer file synchronization system known for it’s advanced feature set. Please note however that the full feature set has recently been reserved for paid subscription members; the paid and free versions differ significantly. Note the 10 folder limit for the free version.

BTSync’s synchronization mechanism works by evaluating files in 4 MB chunks; transferring only the changed chunks of files between clients. If files are less than 4 MB in size and have changed then they are transferred to all participating clients in their entirety. The web based BTSync UI making it a good fit with Rockstor.

BTSync Documentation

The BitTorrent Sync Help Center is the best place to start and their Sync 2.0 Overview is a good introduction to the technology. Please note the supported platforms and their FAQ.

Installing BTSync Rock-on

First please consider the pre-requisites for any Rockstor Rock-on; these are linked to at the top of this document. Note also that the BTSync Rock-on will require a Share to sync/store it’s associated folders. Note that this is in addition to the The Rock-ons root that may well already have been made.


Click the Install button next to the BitTorrent Sync listing on the Rock-ons page.

BTSync Share

Next we select the Storage area for the BitTorrent Sync files. Here we are using the recommended Share name.

  • btsync-data - room enough for your data and snapshots.

N.B. to create this storage area please see our Creating a share.

BTSync Ports

These are the Default Ports and it is unlikely you will have to alter them.


Now to verity the configuration.


Check that the entered details are correct before clicking Submit.

Closing the resulting simple Installation is in progress dialog and we have:-

The BitTorrent Sync Rock-on is ON


N.B. Notice the BTSync UI button and the spanner to view the Rock-on settings and add additional Rockstor Shares.

Adding Shares to BTSync

This facility is only required if you wish to have the BTSync Rock-on access more than one Rockstor Share.

From the information dialog i icon on the BTSync Rock-on listing we get:-


Reproduced here for clarity:-

*Additional information about BTSync Rock-on*:


Default username for your BTSync UI is **admin** and password is **password**


You can also assign additional Shares for custom organization of your data.

First BTSync UI visit

The first time you access the BTSync UI the following series of screens will appear:-

BTSync PP, Terms, EULA

This is an opt in to BTSync’s Privacy Policy, Terms, and EULA. It is required that you agree to these conditions prior to using the Application.


30 day free Pro Trial

An initial free trial of the Pro version for 30 days. Remember the 10 folder limit on the free version.


Create Identity

A name by which you will know this device.


Note the “Please choose carefully as this cannot be changed later”.


We now have the Default BTSync UI.


You can now sync other BTSync sources with this Rockstor BTSync Rock-on Share; see BTSync Documentation.

Remember that the /data folder inside BTSync corresponds to your Rockstor Share