Announcing Rockstor 3.8.15

I am thrilled to announce the release of Rockstor 3.8.15. It’s been a long release cycle and It’s our 30th release, woohoo! We have entered a new phase of Rockstor community growth with steady patches from dedicated contributors. A total of 43 issues were closed making this a substantial update. Several enhancements were made to the UI, prominently to the dashboard. I’d like to also highlight the big(design and implementation) refactoring of our backend disk management. Last but not least, numerous improvements and bugfixes were committed throughout the stack. Please see the list below for detailed log of all patches that went in.

It’s ironic that we took longer to close this release cycle despite more contributors and a lot more eyeballs overall, but that is primarily due to inefficiencies in my gate-keeping. We learned how to make things more efficient in the next cycle and plan to close it quicker.

The 3.8.15 ISO is downloadable from here for new users. After installation, please purchase Stable update subscription and take advantage of many benefits that come with it. Existing subscribers on the other hand, can update easily from the Web-UI.

List of issues we closed in this cycle.

Overhaul pagination, sort and search on UI using DataTables. #1138 @priyaganti
Revise internal use and format of device names. #1320 @phillxnet
Support customizing web-ui port. #983 @schakrava
Improvements to password recovery system. #1290 @MFlyer
Remove smb service dependency on rockstor-bootstrap. #1241 @schakrava @phillxnet
add raid56 warning. #1372 @phillxnet
Fix Samba regression from 3.8-14.03 #1385 @phillxnet
Add local/current time on the UI. #1362 @MFlyer
Update postfix config when hostname is changed. #1392 @MFlyer
Edit user page – bad render for username and uid. #1389 @MFlyer
Support Console access from the Web-UI with Shell In a Box. #518 @MFlyer
Allow force removal of Rock-on metadata. #1124 @schakrava
improve nvme compatibility for system disk. #1397 @phillxnet
Fix Services page bottleneck on Active Directory status. #1391 @MFlyer
Improve test e-mail notification. #978 @MFlyer @schakrava
Field validation in e-mail setup. #1340 @MFlyer @schakrava
GMail detects Rockstor as a Less Secure application. #1083 @MFlyer
single to raid1 pool resize not reflected in Web-UI. #1406 @grebnek
Email Alerts page missing dependency. #1410 @MFlyer
Docker journald logging. #1420 @sfranzen
Adjust share usage reporting. #1415 @sfranzen
add samba shadow localtime param. #1252 @MFlyer
Improve Dashboard pool usage widget. #1426 @sfranzen
Fix: argument to docker run should still be -d. #1423 @sfranzen
Fix DataTables error on AFP shares view. #1442 @sfranzen
Bootstrap inline edit with X-editable js library. #1356 @priyaganti
Inline edit – pool compression in Pools view. #1401 @priyaganti
Web-UI initiated balance status not updated during execution. #1405 @phillxnet
improve dashboard disk activity widget for by-id names. #1366 @phillxnet
Allow scheduling of read-only snapshot creation. #1379 @tomtom13 @schakrava
Improve how smb.conf is updated. #1453 @MFlyer
Fix: Dashboard crashes if left open for a long time #998 @MFlyer
add the second knowns fake uuid to exception list. #1461 @schakrava
fs unittests part 1. #1443 @phillxnet
dashboard crashes if opened long – Memory Widget – Part 3. #998 @MFlyer
dashboard crashes if opened long – Cpu Widget – Part 1 Final. #998 @MFlyer
dashboard crashes if opened long – Network Widget – Part 2. #998 @MFlyer
dashboard crashes if opened long – Top Shares Widget – Part 4. #998 @MFlyer
dashboard crashes if opened long – Pool Usage Widget – Part 5. #998 @MFlyer
dashboard crashes if opened long – Storage Metrics Widget – Part 6. #998 @MFlyer
dashboard crashes if opened long – Disks Widget – Part 7. #998 @MFlyer
New progressbars height, tested over 10+ shares. #1476 @MFlyer
support long nutanix device names. #1471 @phillxnet

Thank you for reading till the end! Here’s a discount code for first 25 Stable subscriptions: ROCKSTOR3815.

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