Announcing Rockstor 3.8-14

I am happy to announce that Rockstor 3.8-14 is now released. We’ve added big new features including an interface to power down HDDs to reduce noise and conserve electricity, and a way to browse and download logs almost too easily with a few clicks on the UI. As usual, there are may enhancements and bug fixes. 34 issues were closed altogether by the hard and smart work of 8 different contributors!

The 3.8-14 ISO is downloadable from here for new users. After installation, please purchase Stable update subscription and take advantage of many benefits that come with it. Existing subscribers on the other hand, can update easily from the Web-UI.

We welcomed new contributors in this 3.8-14 release cycle, most we’ve had so far working together on one release. As the project’s maintainer this makes me very happy. Our community is strengthening with every release, thanks to everyone including code contributors, forum members, incident support purchasers, stable-updates subscribers, patrons donating and purchasing t-shirts, usb drives and stickers from our shop. Much appreciated!

To better organize support matters and provide a reliable platform for our paying users, we’ve launched a new support portal, using osticket. We hope to provide more value to customers purchasing incident bundles. Home users that subscribe to Stable updates are also eligible for limited paid support with the option to purchase more support as needed. Details will be added to documentation in the coming days.

Final note, here’s the long list of issues we closed in this cycle.

Add anacron like feature to task scheduling. #1233 @MFlyer
Add support for policy driven powering down of HDDs from the UI. #885 @phillxnet
Add the feature to browse and download various log files from the UI. #762 @MFlyer
Significantly improve UI templates part 2. #1287 @priyaganti
Significantly improve UI templates part 3. #1304 @priyaganti
Significantly improve UI templates part 4. #1307 @priyaganti
Add different support flows for stable and testing channel users. #1339 @schakrava
Improve Active Directory info popup. #1284 @ScarabMonkey
Improve multiple disk selection during resize. #1196 @priyaganti
Show correct screens in add/remove disks during resize. #811 @priyaganti
Fix power menu alignment. #1192 @priyaganti
Use chardet to properly encode/decode user/group names. #1283 @demount
Add Active Directory rfc2307 support. #1263 @MFlyer
Sort Shares by name in the UI. #973 @maxhq
Fix a regression in scheduled tasks. #1296 @MFlyer
Fix Total capacity widget resize bug. #1225 @MFlyer
Fix deprecated volume removal bug in rock-on update. #1294 @phillxnet
Fix transfer rate column in replication history. #1279 @priyaganti
Improve NTP check in Active Directory service. #1301 @ScarabMonkey
Enhance Rock-on service config UX. #1202 @priyaganti
Properly update mdraid member status. #1214 @phillxnet
Add pagination support to replication tasks. #1305 @priyaganti
Improve snmp config UI. #1240 @schakrava
Humanize replication transfer rate display. #1317 @priyaganti
Fix bug in Pool disk removal wizard. #1325 @phillxnet
Fix a bug in scheduled tasks. #1327 @MFlyer
Add support for nossd mount option. #1313 @priyaganti
Fix regression in network widget. #1302 @MFlyer
Show system users shell info. #1335 @MFlyer
Add the ability of add/remove drives to/from single profile pools. #1337 @bskrtich
Fix a bug in userdel. #1343 @MFlyer
Make Appliance UUID persistent through reinstalls. #1348 @schakrava
Add better error handling to network connection refresh. #1350 @schakrava
Fix handlebar helper in replication. #1352 @priyaganti

Thank you for reading till the end! Here’s a discount code for first 25 Stable subscriptions: ROCKSTOR3814. Prices are going up soon and the 5 year plan is on the way out. Grab it while you can!

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