Announcing Rockstor 3.9.1

Rockstor 3.9.1 is now available. Six contributors have come together to close 30+ issues, including Major feature updates and bug fixes to make this update happen. Disk encryption with LUKS is the biggest feature we’ve added and something the community has been wanting for a while. We’ve also added support for scheduling power management and jumbo frames just to name a few.  This update also comes with a 4.10 kernel from elrepo and a btrfs-progs update from the BTRFS community. It is my pleasure to make this announcement.

For new installs, We created a brand new 3.9.1 ISO. Please purchase a subscription for Stable updates subscription after install and enjoy these benefits. Stable update subscribers can update from the UI as usual.

Here’s the list of issues we closed in this release

Support full disk LUKS #550 @phillxnet
Schedule power down/up of the system #735 @MFlyer
Graceful shutdown with cron job #1306 @MFlyer
UI Shares view incorrect sort on size #1673 @MFlyer
Rockstor Translations #1643 @MFlyer
Systemd warns that “rockstor-hdparm.service is marked world-inaccessible” #1493 @schakrava
Importing an unlabeled btrfs RAID5 pool fails #1342 @schakrava
single pool metadata level is single not dup #1409 @phillxnet
Samba Custom configuration UI glitch #1691 @MFlyer
rockstor update doesn’t fail if db migration fails #1332 @schakrava
Add Yum capabilities to System updates #1619 @MFlyer
Turn off debug logs in Rockstor built by rpm(prod/testing builds) #1478 @schakrava
update nginx and /etc/issue if mgmt interface config changes #1701 @schakrava
Muting gulp tasks over buildout process #1708 @MFlyer
nbd devices do not support S.M.A.R.T. #1705 @KaiRo-at
fix ‘for’ attributes on user_create_template labels #1706 @KaiRo-at
create SHA256 certs so browser devtools don’t complain all the time #1707 @KaiRo-at
overflow of disk.role db field #1709 @phillxnet
Non integer threshold value in SMART data blocks reporting #1725 @phillxnet
support ro rw degraded and skip_balance mount options #1728 @phillxnet
Support Jumbo frames config in the UI #1044 @schakrava
Extra button adding storage to a Rock-On #1341 @priyaganti
#1286 #1286 @schakrava
AFP export doesn’t expand when underneath share (subvolume in btrfs) expands #614 @schakrava
insufficient use of btrfs device scan #1547 @phillxnet
Rock-on bad behaviour when starting with no configuration #1579 @priyaganti
add cli initiated config backup #1382 @daniel-illi
change Pool API to use ids instead of names #1741 @schakrava
detached disks used in mount command #1422 @phillxnet
Display client-side error differently #1743 @priyaganti
change disk api to use ids instead of names #1746 @schakrava
propagate user errors properly in user management #1748 @schakrava
minor disk api regression follow up #1750 @phillxnet

Thank you for reading till the end! Here’s a discount code for first 25 Stable subscriptions: ROCKSTOR391.