Announcing Rockstor 3.9.0

We’ve just wrapped up a fun release cycle, and it’s my pleasure to announce Rockstor 3.9.0. Our community has been really active and we’ve prioritized nicely to improve on a few different areas. 6 contributors have come together for this release and besides working on new features and bug fixes, we made significant improvements to code quality. @phillxnet has made a big enhancement to the disk management subsystem. I’ve made large code quality improvement to backend Python stack. @MFlyer collaborated with me on that and took upon himself to do the same for all of Javascript stack. He made several ninja style contributions and helped fix many bugs. I’d say this is a nice release with some new stuff and a bunch of useful maintenance updates. Thanks to everyone that made this happen!

For new installs, We created a brand new 3.9.0 ISO. Please purchase a subscription for Stable updates subscription after install and enjoy these benefits. Stable update subscribers can update from the UI as usual.

Here’s the list of issues we closed in this release

Issue: Non-ASCII password on user creation leads to ‘User(…) already exists’ #1555 @ansemjo
[Enhancement] data_collector move from Django ORM to CRUD operations (on db writes) #1567 @MFlyer
Dashboard widget resizing is glitchy in Chrome on Mac #1530 @MFlyer
[Bug] Disks widget console errors #1596 @MFlyer
cosmetic issue: create snapshot label appears twice in share details view #1564 @MFlyer
SMART edit icon tooltip text in disks table view not fully visible #1565 @MFlyer
More documentation on services page! #1168 @priyaganti
cleanup dependencies and add build status badge to readme #1604 @schakrava
root and home shares offer delete button #1583 @MFlyer
fs unit tests settings issue #1609 @phillxnet
work around failure of udev to observe btrfs device add #1606 @phillxnet
Flake8 satisfying style improvements and cleanup #1615 @schakrava
Sector Size empty for 512e drives #1590 @chrstphrchvz
Fixing Jenkins’ Flake8 regressions #1626 @MFlyer
enhance disk role/management subsystem #1494 @phillxnet
balance cancel requested ‘unit test’ false alarm #1627 @phillxnet
Share usage not reported correctly while pool usage is #1412 @MFlyer
improve state column clarity in network device tables #1633 @phillxnet
keyerror in samba config restore #1585 @MFlyer
“Comment” field not filled when editing Samba share #1647 @MFlyer
inconsistent redirect role validator message and bug #1651 @phillxnet
[Rockstor Devel Feature] Add Gulp file testing #1632 @MFlyer
Rock-on share columns reversed #1581 @schakrava
Remove python downgrade workaround #1587 @schakrava
[Flake8] Unused import over script #1663 @MFlyer
Small UI bug while installing rock-ons #1660 @MFlyer
fix replication regression from django 1.8 update #1667 @schakrava
Make software update non-disruptive #1188 @schakrava
Updating Font Awesome to latest 4.7 #1669 @MFlyer

Thank you for reading till the end! Here’s a discount code for first 25 Stable subscriptions: ROCKSTOR390.

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