Announcing 3.8.16

I am happy to announce Rockstor 3.8.16. It has been an exciting release cycle in which 6 contributors have come together to close 35 issues in the last 5 weeks. The theme of this release is Maintenance! It’s worth noting that there are many overall stability and reliability improvements in this release, from Django upgrade to the tiniest of UI fixes and everything in between. A large set of issues reported in our forum and github were resolved. We’ve really suited Rockstor up for a year-end holiday party and are deeply grateful for the engagement and contributions of our great community!

For new installs, We created a brand new 3.8.16 ISO which is a rebase of a newer CentOS release. Please purchase a subscription for Stable updates subscription after install and enjoy these benefits. Stable update subscribers can update from the UI as usual. Please refer to the e-mail we sent out to all subscribers with some additional information that may be necessary.

Here’s the list of issues we closed in this release

Improve Dashboard pool usage widget #1426 @sfranzen
Improve pool usage reporting #1460 @sfranzen
Linked to #1379 – writable snapshots #1482 @MFlyer
Show up Rockstor as a Server in AFP Shares #1485 @MFlyer
Ajax-Loader.gif does not dissappear #623 @MFlyer
Increase widget animation timing to grant a better smoothing #1487 @MFlyer
NUT timed shutdown option #982 @phillxnet
improve NUT port config usability #1458 @phillxnet
Fix time comparison failing #1479 @MFlyer
null value in column “details” when parsing SMART error log #1498 @phillxnet
Remove flash websocket files #848 @MFlyer
Glitch in SMART error log UI #1001 @phillxnet
SMART parsing issue shell script helper #1507 @phillxnet
Small Samba regression #1495 @MFlyer
Move from gevent-socketio python-socketio #1503 @MFlyer
Make services configure forms as modals #1278 @MFlyer
remove gateway requirements for manual interface configuration #1520 @tomtom13
Improve Pool delete UX #1195 @gkadillak
use chattr to make parent dirs of mount points immutable #1414 @schakrava
Missing favicon on login page #1535 @MFlyer
failure to submit on modal service dialogs #1537 @MFlyer
support pool compression inline edit in pool details view #1464 @priyaganti
Update Django #1190 @schakrava
Improved handling of spawned functions in socket server #1524 @MFlyer
Samba configuration enhancements #1540 @MFlyer
incorrect space calculation on disk removal #1553 @phillxnet
Wrong Samba AD closing line #1548 @MFlyer
unsaved related object fix #1551 @phillxnet
Resize UI bug #1194 @priyaganti
Fix loading while edit scheduled tasks #1561 @MFlyer
Snapshots & scrubs scheduled tasks not working – double issue #1560 @schakrava
data_collector changes for django >= 1.7 #1556 @MFlyer
add datatables feature to users view #1370 @MFlyer
add datatables feature to pool srub and rebalance tables #1369 @MFlyer
Pool creation succeeds but refresh icon(ajax-loader) still exists #1563 @MFlyer

Thank you for reading till the end! Here’s a discount code for first 25 Stable subscriptions: ROCKSTOR3816.

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