3.8-9: AD integration, S.M.A.R.T and other improvements

Rockstor 3.8-9 update is now available. This is our first update released under the stable update channel. Some of you may be aware that we split updates into Stable and Testing channels. I wrote about this briefly in the last post and there’s more information about them in our documentation as well.

Current users running prior versions can update to 3.8-9 after activating the Stable channel subscription. New users can just install from the 3.8-9 ISO. Since the launch of update subscriptions a few weeks ago, we are seeing steady purchases. I am happy to see organic traction, but we need a lot more subscriptions to keep up the effort. So, if you like Rockstor and haven’t bought the Stable subscription yet, please do!

We closed 20 issues in this release and I want to thank all the contributors. We have a dev log in our forum detailing the ongoing work and some of you may already be aware of the coming changes. Detailed list follows, but the highlights include fixes to Active Directory integration, S.M.A.R.T monitoring, better Systemd integration and improved test coverage.

I want to thank @phillxnet for contributing many minor enhancements, @Mchakravartula for improving test coverage and fixing up code along the way, @maxhq for being our new and 10th contributor(hooray!) and @roweryan for testing, reporting issues and ensuring that we aren’t slacking 🙂 Last but not least, many thanks to @vinima for contributions to documentation and video tutorials.

1. Improved service orchestration by leveraging Systemd more. #904 @schakrava

2. Fixed Web-UI to dynamically refresh management interface IP. #917 @schakrava

3. Fixed a Web-UI issue with network interface management. #915 @schakrava

4. Clarify password reset instructions. #890 @phillxnet

5. Refresh Pool state automatically after delete. #859 @schakrava

6. Improved logic to update /etc/issue with Web-UI link. #924 @phillxnet

7. Improved certificate labeling on the Web-UI. 938 @phillxnet

8. Fixed and improved Active Directory integration support. #860 @schakrava

9. Simplified Reboot/Shutdown functionality. #943 @phillxnet

10. Sort services alphabetically by default. #907 @schakrava

11. Improve test coverage for Snapshot functionality. #945 @Mchakravartula

12. Clean up Web-UI for OS Pool. #926 @Mchakravartula

13. Improve test coverage for Network interface management. #954 @Mchakravartula

14. Fixed broken S.M.A.R.T data collection for some HDDs. #657 @phillxnet

15. Fixed Web-UI bug that prevented Cloning writable Snapshots. #939 @schakrava

16. Fixed a small regression in /etc/issue update. #961 @phillxnet

17. Fixed the submit button in Rock-ons install wizard. #975 maxhq

18. Improved e-mail notifications by properly setting send address. #970 @phillxnet

19. Improved overall functional test coverage. #967 @Mchakravartula

20. Removed qgroup rescan work around. #950 @schakrava

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