3.8-8: UPS support, shadow copies and more

Rockstor 3.8-8 update is now available. This update cycle ended up a bit longer(about 4 weeks) compared to our average of 2 weeks. There are two reasons for this. (1) We closed more issues than usual and (2) We are focusing more on stability.

Going forward, we are splitting updates into two channels. For those of us that actively want to test cutting edge updates, there is now a Testing updates channel. Once we test in the dev environment and run automated tests, we’ll release an update on this channel. So an update is released roughly for each pull request, perhaps once every other day or so.

The second is the Stable updates channel. This is a slight variation of what we’ve been doing all along. But given that installs have gone up quite a bit, we’ll focus on stability and do a lot more testing to minimize risk of regressions. As a result, updates will be released at a slightly slower pace, like once in 3-4 weeks on the Stable update channel. I plan to share more details about these channels in a separate post.

Back to this update, which has many useful changes. First, support for UPS is added. I am personally looking forward to using this feature on production Rockstor systems here that serve the Forum, CI, updates etc.. Second, support for Shadow copies for Windows Samba clients is added. We plan to add more documentation and write up how-to posts about these features. Documentation for UPS has just been added, thanks to @phillxnet. Last but not least, we’ve improved the overall functional test coverage and brushed up the UI.

On the BTRFS side of things, We’ve been testing 4.2 kernels since their release and 4.2.2 is working fine in all of our machines here and we were able to test all supported BTRFS functionality. So, we’ve made 4.2.2 the default with this update. Just as important, the wonderful btrfs-progs is also updated to 4.2.1. Do note that qgroups(share sizing), replication and DR(for raid5/6) features are yet to be re-tested for improvements, so no changes to report as of now.

Here is the list of all issues resolved in this update.

1. Added support for UPS. #595 @phillxnet

2. Added Shadow Copy support for Windows Samba clients. #715 @schakrava @priyaganti

3. Improved Network management #799 @schakrava

4. Improved User management functional test coverage #856 @Mchakravartula

5. Improved NFS functional test coverage #876 @Mchakravartula @schakrava

6. Improved AFP functional test coverage #877 @Mchakravartula

7. Improved SFTP functional test coverage #878 @Mchakravartula

8. Made development side of supervisor processes consistent with production. #852 @phillxnet

9. Improved UI for mobile #869 @snamstorm

10. Made forms on the UI better and consistent. #891 @priyaganti

11. Added Stable and Testing updates channels. #899 @schakrava @priyaganti

As always, update your Rockstor installation via web-ui. If you are new to Rockstor, watch this short video.

3 thoughts on “3.8-8: UPS support, shadow copies and more

    1. You can just install 3.8-7 and update to 3.8-8 from the Web-UI. We don’t always create a whole new ISO for every release. We may do that going forward since we split updates into stable and testing channels.

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