3.8-7 UI enhancements and misc improvements

Rockstor 3.8-7 update is now available. Once again we are happy to push an update quicker than usual, for two additional reasons besides the obvious reason that more than average number of issues were closed already. One, there have been so many improvements since 3.8-0 ISO was baked and it’s time to create a new one. We were going to do that with 3.8-6, but a minor issue came up during testing which has since been fixed. Two, @snamstorm made really cool UI improvements which I can’t wait for users to see. It’s still an ongoing effort and I am looking forward to future changes. So, stay tuned.

If you are doing a fresh install, please download the new ISO file from here.

Here’s the list of issues resolved.

1. Added more functional tests. #828 @Mchakravartula

2. Improved styling of the login page. #815 @snamstorm

3. Made ssh access stricter and fixed a sftp related bug. #838 @schakrava

4. Improved display of contributions during update #845 @priyaganti

5. Improved top menu bar in the UI #832 @snamstorm

6. Added support to use system timezone #712 @schakrava

7. Improved sidebar menu in the UI #840 @snamstorm

8. Cleaned up Share detail page in the UI #814 @Mchakravartula

9. Add quota support for imported pools and shares. #687 @schakrava

As always, update your Rockstor installation via web-ui. If you are new to Rockstor, watch this short video.

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