3.8-2 update. OwnCloud, UI facelift, improved test coverage

Rockstor 3.8-2 update is now available. This is one of our most dense releases with 156 commits. We switched to latest bootstrap giving the UI a new look and feel. We also significantly improved the Rock-ons framework and added the much anticipated OwnCloud as our newest Rock-on. Finally, we fixed a bunch of minor issues brought to our attention by the superb community growing around Rockstor. Oh, we’ve also improved test coverage by a bit!

This is the detailed list of changes in this release:

1. Significantly improved the Rock-ons framework. #697 @schakrava @gkadillak @phillxnet

2. Added a new exciting Rock-on: OwnCloud. #697 @schakrava @gkadillak @phillxnet

3. Overhauled look and feel of the UI by upgrading Bootstrap. #670 @gkadillak

4. Dynamically update raid level changes from the system. #650 @schakrava

5. Improved test coverage for Samba API. #679 @Mchakravartula

6. Improved test coverage for User API. #688 @Mchakravartula

As always, update your Rockstor installation via web-ui. If you are new to Rockstor, watch the short video that demonstrates this process.

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