3.8-10: Asynchronous Replication plus many improvements

Rockstor 3.8-10 release is now available. This is our second release in the Stable updates channel. Many thanks to users who purchased Stable update subscriptions. Your support is not only greatly appreciated, but crucial to us. If you are subscribed to Stable updates, you can easily update the system from the Web-UI.

New users can download 3.8-10 from here. Keep Rockstor live and thriving by purchasing the Stable subscription!

We closed 13 issues in this release, compared to 20 in 3.8-9. And this release took a bit longer. If you are wondering why, it’s because of the big feature improvement in this release: Asynchronous Replication. This feature efficiently replicates Shares on one Rockstor appliance to another by using BTRFS send/receive functionality. While this feature was added a while ago, it was a bit over engineered, buggy and had to be improved. I started refactoring the existing pub-sub design and ended up completely redesigning it. The result is a much simpler and more robust implementation. I plan to write more about it here and the community wiki soon.

Besides Replication, the community really came together to help fix a bunch of bugs, make several enhancements and also improve test coverage. I want to thank our regular contributors @phillxnet, @Mchakravartula, @priyaganti for their important pull requests, testing and insights. Plus, special thanks to @grogi, our new and 11th contributor! Last but not least, the community involvement has been superb with testing, bug reports and knowledge sharing. It’s very encouraging to have such a smart and diverse feedback system as we continue to improve Rockstor.

Here’s the list of issues resolved in this update with links to more information.

Rolled out a redesigned Rockstor-Rockstor Share replication feature. #886 @schakrava

Improved functional test coverage. part 1 #992 @Mchakravartula

Improved alerts on the UI. #989 @priyaganti

CSS cleanup in the UI. #1003 @grogi

Fixed advanced-nfs exports bug. #991 @schakrava

Improved functional test coverage. part 2. #1008 @Mchakravartula

Redesigned switches on the UI. #1013 @priyaganti

Improved functional test coverage. part 3. #1014 @Mchakravartula

Fixed SFTP service toggle bug. #1027 @phillxnet

Fixed AD service status bug. #1029 @phillxnet

Improved rockstor-bootstrap service. #1026 @schakrava

More switch redesign updates on the UI. #1021 @priyaganti

Fixed a bug in network config. #1039 @schakrava

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