SSD boot drive for DIY Rockstor systems

Being engineers, we really like the DIY approach here at Rockstor. We have systems put together using components from old desktop servers running Rockstor in our various environments. Judging by the number of inquires we get via e-mail and our forum, there are many users out there building DIY NAS systems with Rockstor. The most frequently asked question is if Rockstor can boot from something like a USB drive. By doing so, all of the HDDs on the system can be exclusively allocated for data.

Whiles it’s possible to run Rockstor from a USB drive, we recommend a much faster solution while freeing up all your HDDs for data. All that’s required of your motherboard is a PCI-Express slot to house a mSATA III + SSD boot drive. We’ve been running this setup for a while on some of our systems and so are some others in the community. So we decided to offer it in our shop.

PCI-Express(x1) mSATA III (6G) boot drive (16/32 GB)

It’s available in both 16GB and 32GB capacities which is plenty considering it doesn’t take more than a few GB to run Rockstor. Here are some feature highlights of this boot drive.

  • Provides extra SATA III port for additional storage devices (hot-pluggable)
  • 14K random 4KB read IOPs
  • 19K random 4KB write IOPs
  • TRIM and SMART support

The card meets PCI express specification rev 2.0 and plugs into an x1, x2, x4, x8 or x16 slot, one of which can be found on pretty much any motherboard. Besides running a pretty fast Rockstor system with this boot drive, you’ll be supporting our effort and make it easier for us to support you by running Rockstor on familiar hardware. So head on over to our shop and get one today!

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