3.8-1 update. BTRFS Data import, virtio support and more testing

Rockstor 3.8-1 update is now available. Support has been added for a much anticipated and important feature to automatically import BTRFS data(Pools, Shares and Snapshots) on drives from a different Rockstor machine or a previous install. More functional tests have been added and KVM support is enhanced by fixing the issue with disk scan and Virtio.

This is the list of changes in this release:

1. Added support to Auto import BTRFS data from previous install or a different Rockstor system. Issue #534

2. Added more functional tests and improved test coverage. Issue #676

3. Enhanced disk scan logic to better support KVM. Special thanks to Phil Guyton for this. Issue #673

As always, update your Rockstor installation via web-ui. If you are new to Rockstor, watch the short video that demonstrates this process.

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